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Japanese diapers wholesale

Our company "Japan Trade International" is one of the safiest exporter of the wholesale Japanese diapers which has excellent recommendations. The company also deals with exporting of cosmetic and household goods from Japan to Russia and CIS.

The main direction of our company is a wholesale delivery of Japanese diapers. At the present moment we have the catalogue of various products: we offer our customers to buy Japanese diapers of the most famous brands such as Goon, Merries, Genki, Moony.

Our company is oriented only to export, it gives us an opportunity to organize the delivery of diapers to any Russian region in a short time. 

We have strong cooperation with Russian businessmen in realization of the delivered goods: even small-batch clients have a chance to buy Japanese diapers Merries, Genki, Moony, Goon or other household goods.

Moreover the order will be delievered in a short period of time.

There is no need to wait the direct dliveries from Japan - our company has a huge warehouse on the territory of Russia.

What advantages you have while buying Japanese diapers wholesale by use of our company?

Our company deals with export of the Japanese leading trade marks of kids diapers producing for the  Japanese domestic market, which let you escape from the fake and guarantee the best Japanese quality.

 For example, Japanese diapers Genki, Moony, Goon and Merries can be produced in China, Malasia and other countries of the South Asian region. But such diapers  has some  shortcomings - for example, there is no differentiation on diapers for boys and for girls.

You will never find such production in our stock.

Collaborating with our company you are insured from buying the fake production and guarantee purchasing of the high quality goods which is much more higher then those offered by Europian manufactures.


What brand of diapers should you choose? 

Advantages of Japanese diapers  Moony, Merries, Genki, и Goon:

  • easy to use ;
  • incredibly soft ;
  • maximum comfort for the baby in the active daytime, as much as in the sleeptime.

Let`s talk about these brands in details. 

Merries diapers  - the thinnest and breathing. 

Merries diapers (KAO Corp production) were the first on market of diapers who invented breathing surface in 1994. 
Since that time the product was improved 14 times. Thanks to many alterations the weight of the diaper was reduced from 5 g to 34 g, which indicates how much of the used material was reduced. Now Merries company has the leading place in the market of diapers.   
Advantages of Merries: 

  • The material of diapers is very soft 
  • Dont leave marks on the gentle baby skin 
  • Elastics fit legs tightly but don`t compress it
  • Hypoallergenic 
  • Big capacity, dont leak 
  • Merries  are saturated with special extract of medicinal palnts, which makes a good protection from bactories and bad smell. 


Moony diapers - the most natural 

The inner layer made of 100% cotton protect baby from skin irritation and allergy.

The inner layer of the diaper is made in a shape of gause with a mixture of cotton. Such structure don`t let the diaper stick to the skin, let her breath.

The shape of the diaper is suitable even for the most active babies, giving them the freedom to move well without any discomfort.
Only Moony diapers have a special cut for the navel, so that it doesnt traumatize an umbilical wound and makes it easy to handle the wound without putting the diaper off. The is also an indicator of fullness of the diaper. 

GOON diapers - new technologies 

Diao Papier workers care about the reputation of their production, keeping the quality of Goon diapers on the high level and constantly using a new technologies to make the diapers more comfortable.  

Made of 100% cotton material, they don`t irritate the most gentle baby skin. 

Special technology gives the minimum contact with the skin.  
Perfect absorbation. The system of soft barriers prevent from the leak. 

Reusable fasteners comfortably fix the diaper even while the baby is sleeping.  
With the indicator of the fullness you will never forget to change the diaper.  

Genki diapers - the most clever 

Genki diapers fit the body perfectly because of the elastic fixation tape and adhesive tape. It let the diaper fit tightly to the back or to the legs of the baby. 

Germetic inset in he back side of the belt - is the additional protection from the leak. 

Te back part of the diaper is made of the "breathing"  microcellular material. 
The moisture indicator will show you when it`s time to change the diaper. 

When the diaper is full the yellow stripes  become blue. 
The main difference of Genki diapers is the separation of the filler for the faeces and the urine (in other diapers absorbents are mixed).

According to the manufacturer, this separation of  absorbents prevents from the mixing of the excrements and from the irritation of baby skin.  
The outward design is Ampaman, the popular hero of the Japanese cartoons. 

Japanese diapers  have been very popular among Russian consumers for many years, because the quality level of the product is very high. Japanese manufactures produce kids diapers from natural materials - the child always feel comfortable in it. Parent give their preference to the Japanese goods for childen because they really care of the health and good mood of their baby and also make it much easier to take care of the child.

How to purchase goods?
  • Please go through the registration so we could confirm your inquiry and informate you about the process. (You can change your personal information in the Personal Cabinet later)
  • Please choose  goods you would like to purchase from the Catalogue. The quantity of packs or boxes of goods, its weight  and the price will be immidiately shown in the upper line. The minimal shipment is 2- fit container.  
  • Watch for the filling of the container. If the size of the container is small for your needs, you can choose a bigger one. You can read the more detailed information and find out about container types beeing used in Japan on Information page. 
During the purchase procedure we can guarantee:
  • Individual approah to each customer (we are ready to consider your conditions of the agreement in case you are not agree with ours). 
  • Informational support during the whole process of making a purchase. 
  • Efficiency of the process, according to the chosen goods. 
  • Information about new arrivals from Japan market, as well as hot offers. We are ready for the mutual advantageous cooperation! 
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